Search Results Only Returning Part of Transcript

ISU Child Language Lab steelmagnolia01 at
Fri Apr 20 20:04:14 UTC 2012

Hello! I was unable to find this question in any of the previous
discussions or the user manuals, so please forgive me if this issue
has already been dealt with.

When running kwal searches on transcripts for verb codes on the %mor
tier, the search is not returning results from the entire transcript.
The following is a line of the search program I have been running
(v:st, v:act, and v:ev are our own codes to identify state, atelic
nonstate, and telic nonstate verbs, respectively):

kwal  @ +t%mor: +s"@|-v,|-v:cop,|-aux,|-aux:*,|-part,|-v:st,|-v:act,|-

Similar searches on multiple transcripts have returned results from
lines 200 and on to lines 500 and on, but display no results from
early in the transcript, where incidences of the search terms do
indeed exist.

Thank you for your help!

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