+d2 to columns not rows

Joyce Marzan jcbmarzan at post.upm.edu.ph
Mon Apr 23 02:42:29 UTC 2012


am now integrating lexical data across CHAT files... want to come up with a 
"LEXICON x AGE" table extracted from 10-15 CHAT files... the "freq +d2 
+t*CHI *.cha" does this beautifully, but it outputs the lexical items in 
columns. I am afraid I am using MS Excel 2002 which has a maximum of  256 
columns, but 65536 rows... is there a way to get the lexical data in rows 
instead of columns? attached is the output file (kindly ignore other 
issues... i realize i need my team to fix our headers... :-)

Thank you!


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