CLAN-MOR synchronization

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Mon Aug 6 21:42:10 UTC 2012

Dear CHIBolts,

    As I noted in previous messages, we have recently made changes regarding two aspects of CHAT.  One is the replacement of quote marking using the <material> ["] form with quote marking using curly quotes.  The other is the elimination of the distinction between xxx and xx.  For both of these changes, we have adapted the files in the database to be in accord with the new versions of CHAT and CLAN.  If you want to use these new formats with data that are not in the database, then it is important to rerun MOR, POST, and CHECK on your transcripts to update the %mor line.  Alternatively, if you want to avoid doing this, just save your old version of CLAN to run with your older corpora.  We would encourage you to stay up to date, but if you prefer not to update, that is fine too.  What you would need to avoid is running new versions of CLAN on older corpora that have not been rerun through MOR, POST, and CHECK.

Best regards,

-- Brian MacWhinney

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