Is it possible to alter the definitions of EXPAN and REDUC in CHIP?

rose maier rosie.maier at
Thu Jun 13 20:34:40 UTC 2013

I am running CHIP, and I want to allow substitutions within word classes. I 
am able to track substitutions with the +g and +h options, and it's easy 
enough to add the SUBST count to the EXACT count to get a total measure of 
exact repetitions allowing for substitutions. I would like to be able to do 
a similar thing with expansions and reductions (e.g. get a total count of 
expansions, including those involving substitutions), but it's not clear to 
me whether that's possible. Is it possible to alter the definitions for 
EXPAN and REDUC to count pairs that include substitutions? 
I have another unrelated question: Is it possible to use CHIP to just add 
the CHIP tiers (%chi, %adu, etc.) to the original CHAT files, rather than 
creating separate files with only the CHIP tiers? I'd love to have one file 
that included both the CHIP tiers and the other standard tiers (%mor, 
etc.). Alternatively, is it possible to ask CHIP to preserve the other 
tiers when creating the CHIP output files?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Rose Maier
Doctoral Student
University of Oregon

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