double subjects

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Tue Jun 17 14:13:29 UTC 2014

Dear Zhou Chen,
    I did some more checking on the double subject problem.  It appears that this arises because our major training corpus includes a lot of adult speech and adults are not using these verb-verb constructions in the same way as the children.  I can resolve this by working on fixing the relevant sentences in the Eve-Train training corpus.  I can spot the problems using this command:

kwal +t%mor +t%grt +d7 +sSUBJ +s@|v *.cha

However, there are about 80 sentences to fix and this will take some time.  However, eventually I should be able to fix this problem.  You can also use that command to spot the problems yourself.  However, you would need to change +t%grt to +t%gra

-- Brian MacWhinney

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