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Brian MacWhinney macw at
Wed Jun 17 14:56:25 UTC 2015

Dear ChiBolts,
    Susanne Miyata and I were discussing the optimal form for naming transcript files for inclusion in CHILDES.  Often we find that people encode the date of the recording on the transcript and the audio.  However, it seems to both of us that it is more useful to encode the child’s age in the form 20315.cha to indicate a file recorded when the child was age 2;3.15.  In order to guard against the accidental loss of a file during data processing, it may also be useful to have a serial number such as 04_20315.cha.  This would indicate that the transcript is the fourth in the time series and that the child was aged 2;3.15.  
    We will not change the names of all the files currently in the database to match these standards, but I think they are a good idea for people creating new corpora.


— Brian  MacWhinney

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