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Kelly Lytle kelytle11 at gmail.com
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I'm an SLP at a preschool.  We are trying to calculate DSS on all language 
samples moving forward to include in our reports.  My administrators had 
previously been calculating DSS by hand, but I'm trying to make the shift 
to using CLAN to analyze the samples.  I was taught how to use the program 
in grad school for a project, but don't have much experience transcribing 
samples in CLAN and running the commands.  I have been using the CLAN 
manual and SLP guide on the CHILDES website to help.  When testing out the 
program, we compared the CLAN DSS results to a by hand calculation for a 5 
line sample.  The program did not include the following sentence in the DSS 

*CHI: Sherri like [*m] pizza .

I used * m to note a morphological error, because it should be "Sherri 
likes pizza".  Here is the result of the MOR command:

*CHI: Sherri like [* m] pizza .
%mor: n:prop|Sherri conj|like n|pizza .

Using the * m code after "like" to indicate a morphological error, the 
utterance was not included in DSS analysis.

I also tried transcribing it with just as asterisk to note the error:

*CHI: Sherri like [*] pizza .
%mor: n:prop|Sherri conj|like n|pizza .

Using this code, it was included in DSS, but given a score of 9 because 
"like" was counted as a conjunction, not as a verb.

I'm wondering if I need to transcribe it differently or use a more specific 
error code to get the correct analysis?

Thank you for your help!


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