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Brian Verdine brian.verdine at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 05:13:08 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to CLAN and I am trying to use it for an existing project we 
had been transcribing the caveman way in MS Excel.  I wrote a VBA script to 
pull various pieces of the necessary data and transcripts into a .txt file 
and then changed that into a .cha file.  I then opened them in CLAN and 
used various parts of the CLAN functionality to clean up the remaining 
issues.  Everything seems to be fine except that when I run a check for 
every file it says "@Font:" is missing at the beginning of the file.(69)"  I 
figured out that the font header is a "hidden header" before @Begin, but 
none of the online manuals or chibolts topics seemed to tell me what the 
header would need to say or give me a list of options I could try out.  I 
can easily add that header with my VBA code, but I need to 
know exactly what the header line needs to say.  Alternatively, I wasn't 
sure if there might be a CHAT command I could run on the batch of files to 
specify the font for all the files?  Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
 If it matters I'm using the Windows version in Windows 10.


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