QuickTime for Windows

Brian MacWhinney macw at cmu.edu
Fri May 6 04:29:35 UTC 2016

Dear CHIBolts,
     Recently, it was reported that QuickTime on Windows was causing a security violation.  Instead of deciding to fix this problem, Apple just dropped support for QuickTime on Windows.  Because CLAN was relying on QuickTime for video playback, this meant that, if your machine was on a University network, you could no longer use CLAN.  If you are not under control of a network that is blocking use of QuickTime, you do not need to make any changes at this time.  However, if you are on such a network, you will want to read the rest of this email.

Over the last three weeks, Leonid Spektor, our CLAN programmer has been working busily to replace QuickTime with Windows Media Player.  Leonid has now produced a beta version of CLAN for Windows that has some basic capacity to play video and audio media.  He has tested playback on Vista and Windows 10 and it works.  However, this implementation is still incomplete in various ways.
1.  Leonid has not yet tested Walker Controller.
2.  Vista has some problems playing a .mp4 video, but is okay with .mp3.  Windows 10 plays both.
3.  Sonic mode for video is not yet working, although there is a workaround if needed.

If you are under control of a network that is blocking use of QuickTime  and if you are currently using CLAN, you will probably want to update your CLAN to this new beta version.  Leonid would appreciate receiving reports about the operation of this new version through email to spektor at andrew.cmu.edu.

— Brian MacWhinney

P.S.  I try to post messages about CLAN to the chibolts list, rather than info-childes, but it seemed like a good idea to post to both in this particular case.

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