Question about error marking and MLU

Sara Robinson sararobinsonslp at
Wed Apr 12 09:53:26 EDT 2017


I have a question about marking errors in an utterance and how this affects 
the calculation of MLU.  We have been marking errors in the following way:
*CHI:        she love [: loves] [*m:a0es] 0to go out with her friend [: 
friends] [m:a0s] .
%mor: pro:sub|she v|love-3S 0inf|to v|go adv|out prep|with pro:poss:det|her 
n|friend-PL .

However, it looks like the %mor line is using the words in brackets, which 
would then inflate the MLU.  Is this the correct way to mark these errors, 
or should we just be using the [*m:a0es] and omit the correct word in the 
brackets?  Thanks for your help!

Sara Robinson

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