participant information from header not reflected in excel output

A Cristia alecristia at
Thu Apr 13 14:19:48 EDT 2017

Dear all,

I'm trying to get counts of word tokens by different speakers, classified 
by their role (mother, father, adult, brother, etc.) Since role information 
is specified in the header, I thought I could just do

freq -t*CHI  +d3 +f"_TEST_" @

However, when I ran it for instance on the 04daniel.cha file provided in 
the tutorial folder (provided in the CLAN folder), I get the following 
File Language Corpus Speaker Age Sex Group SES Role Education Custom field 
Types Token TTR 
This TTR number was not calculated on the basis of %mor line forms. 

If you want a TTR based on lemmas, run FREQ on the %mor line. 

04daniel,/Users/acristia/Desktop/04daniel . . *INV: . . . . . . . 22 25 
04daniel,/Users/acristia/Desktop/04daniel . . *PAR: . . . . . . . 50 71 

Notice that role information (and even language and corpus) are missing.

The header in the .cha file looks correct to me:
@ID:    eng|CalvinCookies|PAR|||||Participant|||
@ID:    eng|CalvinCookies|INV|||||Investigator|||

Compare the example from the CHAT manual (p.21):

@ID: eng|macwhinney|CHI|2;10.10||||Target_Child||| 

@ID: eng|macwhinney|FAT|35;2.||||Target_Child||| 

I've just downloaded the latest version of CLAN; I'm on a mac.

Thank you in advance,


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