Portable version of CLAN

Nick Riches nick.riches at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 04:18:28 EDT 2017


Is it possible to make a portable version of CLAN (i.e. which runs off a 
USB stick?) I'm teaching CLAN in computing clusters where software is not 
regularly updated, and therefore the version of CLAN is often out of date. 
It would be much simpler to have a version which can be run off a USB 
stick. This would also help students by allowing them to work on almost any 
computer across the campus.

I created a portable prototype by copying the CLAN folder from 'Programs' 
(under windows) to a USB stick. I run clan by clicking on CLAN.exe. At 
first glance, it seems to run okay, but there are some bizarre quirks. For 
example, when I run a mor analysis, and open the file, I cannot see the 
'mor' tiers.



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