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CLAN can be run from any storage area. Running it from USR stick will make the program run very slow, because CLAN has to access files, either data or preferences, very often. When CLAN is installed for the first time its working directory and its library are set to location where it was installed. To make CLAN work correctly in any other installation location you need to make sure that directories in "Commands" window are set to the right location.

If you ran MOR command successfully without CLAN giving you any error message, then %mor tiers should be in the output file. Clan has an option of hiding some tiers when displaying a file. Try opening output file with Notepad or MS Word or any plain text editor. If you see %mor tiers, then CLAN has just simply hidden them when opening file in CLAN. Look in "Commands" window next to "lib" button to see where the library files are. In that directory there will be file "0hide.cut". It is possible that is has an older format that is incompatible with the new CLAN. This is why CLAN should never be copied, but instead installed using CLAN installer.  That file should look like this:

#Comment lines start with the # sign
#Tiers with the # sign at the beginning will be shown
#To hide a tier, just remove the # sign

The other thing you can do is to place CLAN installer on USR stick and have students install CLAN on their computers from USR stick.

-- Leonid

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