unusual behavior of the glottal marker

A Cristia alecristia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 14:22:59 EDT 2017

In our Qom corpus, the glottal stop can occur in all word positions:
1- ʔaqaixana
2- paʔatauec
3- comeʔ

Freq, however, seems to be treating the symbols differently depending on 
the position:
1- ʔaqaixana at s:qom -- OK
2- paʔatauec at s:qom -- OK

3- come at s:qomʔ -- NOT OK, the glottal marker has travelled to the language 

Anything we can do to prevent this behavior? Should we use some other 
symbol instead?

Thank you in advance,

Gladys Ojea and Alex Cristia

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