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I want to get the limiting relative diversity (LRD), which compares verb 
and noun diversity.

1) when I use the command as the CLAN suggests (when I type vocd and 
vocd +t*CHI +t"%mor" -t* +gn"v|*-%%" +gd"n|*-%%" +f filename.cha

I got very weird results. To be specific, there is no verbs analyzed, 
leading to the result to be 0, since verb is the denominator. 

2) when I use the command in the CLAN manual, 
vocd +t“*CHI” +t“%mor” -t“*” +g filename

 Instead of getting a prompt as the manual suggests, I got a message 
that "+/-g's allowed are n or d".

What should I do? Thank you in advance:)

Here I quote the part from the CLAN manual on how to obtain LRD:
"+g Calls up the limiting relative diversity (LRD) sub-routine to compare 
the relative diversity of two different word classes coded on the %mor 
tier. This procedure operates in three stages and extracts the words to be 
included from the %mor tier where the word classes are coded. First, the 
speaker, the %mor tier and the file name
are specified in the usual way, plus the +g switch to invoke the 
subroutine: vocd +t“*CHI” +t“%mor” -t“*” +g filename. 
Second, the user is prompted twice to specify the word classes to be 
compared. The following would compare verb and noun diversity and limit the 
analysis to word stems:
+s“v|*” +s“*-%%”
+s“n|*” +s“*-%%”
The first word class entered will be the numerator and the second will be 
the denominator.
+gnS: compute "limiting type-type ratio" S=NUMERATOR +s directives
-gnS: compute "limiting type-type ratio" S=NUMERATOR -s directives
+gdS: compute "limiting type-type ratio" S=DENOMINATOR +s directives
-gdS: compute "limiting type-type ratio" S=DENOMINATOR -s directives"

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