Discrepancy between KIDEVAL and VOCD statistics

Nick Riches nick.riches at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 10:55:57 EDT 2017


I'm posting a query on behalf of a student who has noted a high VOCD, 
calculated using KIDEVAL. The child is aged 4;2. The VOCD score in KIDEVAL 
is around 85. However, when the VOCD program is used, the score falls to 
59. I've reproduced the commands below

kideval @ +LinkAge +leng +t*CHI: +dfp~"4;-4;5"
vocd  +t*CHI @

The KIDEVAL VOCD is close to the population mean, suggesting that it's 
being calculated in a consistent manner. However, I'm struggling to 
understand the discrepancy with the score calculated by the VOCD program.

NB I would like to upload the manuscript itself, but the student project 
has quite strict confidentiality rules.



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