Question about flucalc in bilingual samples

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Wed Apr 4 16:15:54 EDT 2018

hello Chibolts,
I am analyzing some data from bilingual children. The CHAT files have both
English and Spanish words in them. In the Spanish files, the English words
have been tagged with "@s". I have two questions about running flucalc for

1. the MOR words output in the flucalc spreadsheet seems to be counting
both Spanish and English words in the samples, rather than just the Spanish
ones. I thought that tagging the English words in the Spanish files meant
that they would be ignored in Spanish counts, but that does not appear to
have happened (I cross-checked word count with FREQ). Is there a way to
count just the Spanish words for flucalc?

2. In some instances the flucalc output says that words per minute is N/A.
Does this mean that there were not enough utterances to calculate WPM? if
so, what is the necessary number of utterances for this?

Thank you


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*she/her pronouns

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