Some problems with extracting error-free utterances and verbs from CHAT files

Li Zeng zlmailhouse at
Thu Jun 28 12:48:18 EDT 2018

Hi there, 

I encounter some problems with extracting utterances/ verbs  in CHAT files. 

Firstly, I have tagged ungrammatical utterances of *CHI with either [*], [* 
aux] or [* wh]. Now I wanna calculate the number of utterances without 
those tags([*], [* aux], [* wh] as well as those containing www, yyy.  I 
tried using the following command:  trim -s"[*_ ]" +1 , only to find it 
turns out to be unsuccessful.

Secondly, I would like to extract all the verbs of CHI* (including 
copulers, modals, auxiliaries as well as regular verbs ) in the file. I 
find out that at%mor, "walking" is coded not as a verb but as "PART |" . In 
that case, I guess I need to  also include "PART|"  , right?  I was 
wondering what might be the comprehensive command to be used to extract all 
the verbs mentioned above?

Thank you. 


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