Searching for nouns which have been modified by adjectives

Jamie.Lingwood at Jamie.Lingwood at
Fri Mar 2 09:12:03 EST 2018


How would I search for all nouns which have been modified by adjectives in 
a number of different syntactic frames. For example they may appear in a 
number a different frames:

green sheep
great big sheep
sheep that’s green
something special

Am I on the right lines by running these two commands?

combo +d +t%mor +t*mot +t*adu +t*fat +s'adj|*^*^n|*'  *.cha

combo +d +t%mor +t*mot +t*adu +t*fat +s'n|*^*^adj|*'  *.cha

Perhaps there's a better way of doing this (i.e incorporating this into one 
command for starters).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,
Jamie Lingwood

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