verb lemmas and their frequencies

Naomi Shin naomilshin at
Mon Mar 12 16:11:52 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I'm quite new to working with CHILDES.

I am trying to extract all verb lexemes and their associated frequencies 
from all Spanish files on CHILDES.  So far, I created a folder with only 
the Spanish files that have the %mor tier. I have been able to run > freq 
+sm"r-v,o-%" *.cha

and the program runs, but the output is 0 for each file even though when I 
open files randomly, I do see examples of verbs coded as verbs in the %mor 

I'd be so grateful for any suggestions you have. I'd also be very happy to 
hire a tutor if you know of anyone who might be interested and who has the 
relevant expertise.

Thank you so much,
Naomi Shin

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