excluding utterances with code-switching

Janet Bang jbang at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 19 18:52:41 EST 2018


We are working on bilingual transcriptions and had a question about code-switched utterances. Apologies if I've missed this in the manual.

One of our goals is to obtain an mlu for Spanish only utterances, excluding mixed utterances. For example:

*MOT: ahorita tienes que comer.

*MOT: no es time at s to at s sleep at s.

We would like to obtain an mlu (on the %mor line) excluding the utterance with code-switching. We've tried the following command, but this includes both utterances excluding the English words, where we'd like the output to consider the Spanish-only line.

mlu -s"[- eng]" -s"L2|*"

It seems like our options are:

1) go back to our transcripts and add a postcode for any code-switched utterances to use the +s switch with postcodes

2) use kwal to exclude utterances with the @s symbol similar to what is seen here<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/chibolts/kdeVQEw7OZI/Siad8ni4SrEJ;context-place=searchin/chibolts/adding$20postcode%7Csort:date>

I wanted to know if there was a way to use the switches to exclude utterances with the @s symbol, or automate a way to include a postcode in our transcripts for every utterance with the @s symbol?

Thank you in advance,


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