future of CLAN on OSX

Brian MacWhinney macw at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Sep 25 20:12:39 EDT 2018

Dear CHIBolts,

The current message is only directed to people who use machines with Apple's OSX operating system.  People who use Windows can ignore this message.

Apple has said that the current newly released Mojave OSX operating system will be the last that allows 32-bit applications.  Like many other current applications, CLAN is 32-bit.  In order to compile a 64-bit version of CLAN, we will have to eliminate some basic features of the CLAN editor, particularly those that process media.  We plan to create such a 64-bit version, but it will not have all the features currently found in CLAN.  However, it will still be quite useful for running analyses, since all of that functionality will still be available.

To evaluate the nature of this problem, we need to know how many current CLAN users are relying on Macintosh and whether they believe that they will need to update to the next operating system when it becomes available perhaps early next year.  CLAN can continue to run on machines that do not update to that forthcoming system.  Even within that new system, it would likely be possible to run CLAN inside a virtual machine that would still allow for 32-bit applications.  

Mac users who wish to update to newer OSX operating systems can also decide to use the editing facilty that is being provided in the new CHAT-compatible TRJS editor being developed by Christophe Parisse  (see http://ct3.ortolang.fr/trjs/doku.php <http://ct3.ortolang.fr/trjs/doku.php> ).  We have been testing out this editor and it has some really excellent functions, particularly for media linkage.  

So, once Apple pulls the plug on 32-bit applications, there will be four solutions:
1.  Don't upgrade to the newer OSX.
2.  Run CLAN inside a virtual machine that allows for 32-bit applications.
3.  Switch to Windows.
4.  Use CLAN for data analysis and TRJS for editing.

At CMU, we are hoping to opt for #4.  

If this matter interests you, please send me a note to macw at cmu.edu <mailto:macw at cmu.edu>, so we can keep you in mind during this transition.

Best regards,

--Brian MacWhinney

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