Marking addressee and excluding from MLU counts

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Hi Leonid and Brian,

We've tried using [+ mlue] postcodes on the mainline (see attached for sample test file) and it doesn't seem to be excluding the utterances automatically. Note that we don't have a %mor line so we are using simply:

mlu -t%mor *.cha

Note also that we are transcribing in ELAN (for various reasons) and converting to CHAT using the ELAN export to chat command, so the attached file is a conversion from an eaf file.



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            If you want to exclude utterance and its dependent tiers, then it is best to use post-codes. For example, instead of %add: SIB dependent tier specify post-code [+ sib] on the main speaker tier. If you want to always exclude utterance from MLU, then specify post-code [+ mlue]. The advantage of using this post-code is that it will effect results of MLU, KIDEVAL and few other CLAN commands automatically without you having to specify anything on the command line. If you choose to use your own post-code, then on command line you need to add option -s"[+ sib]" to exclude utterances with that post-code from any CLAN analyses.


On Jan 19, 2019, at 10:27, Rowland, Caroline <crowland at<mailto:crowland at>> wrote:

Hi all,

We want to both transcribe utterances addressed to siblings of the target child but also to sometimes exclude them from MLU counts.  This is because sometimes we will want a measure of how much CDS a particular adult is using (no matter the addressee) and sometimes we will want a measure of how much CDS is addressed to a particular target_child.

Normally we would mark utterances addressed to a non-target child (e.g. a sibling) using a dependent tier; e.g.

*MOT: what do you want?

%add:   SIB

If we transcribe like this, is there then an easy way to then exclude these utterances from an MLU count; or indeed from any other CLAN command?

Or do we need to use a different notation?



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