Running MLU on selected codes

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Wed Feb 6 14:39:52 EST 2019


I’ve coded parent-child interactions using the %spa-line. The coding is 
performed on a turn level, meaning that one turn can contain of several 
utterances. In those instances where a turn consist of two or more 
utterances, I’ve used the @Bg and @Eg symbols, to mark the start and end of 
a turn, like this:


*MOT: shall mummy taste.

*MOT: that was good. 

%spa: CONT:resp


Now I want to compare MLU on utterances coded with one specific code (e.g. 
%spa:CONT:resp) with the MLU on utterances coded with other codes (e.g. 
%spa:IN:tru and %spa:IN:resp). Is there a way to do this in CLAN?

Thank you,

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