two command renames

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Mon Feb 25 12:43:01 EST 2019

Dear ChiBolts,
     The number of CLAN commands has increased quite a bit over time and there are now nearly 100.  In order to provide a better organization for all these commands, I have divided the CLAN commands into 5 types with a section for each type in the manual.

Analysis Commands  -- basic commands like FREQ and KWAL
Profiling Commands  -- package commands like EVAL or FLUCALC
Format Conversion Commands -- like CHAT2PRAAT
Utility Commands --  CHSTRING and other commands to fix things
Suplementary Commands -- batch, rm, dir, info, ren, rm

One further consequence of this for the Format Conversion Commands is that I renamed two of them to make it clearer that they involved conversion into CHAT.  So

If you get a new version of CLAN, please remember to use the form SALT2CHAT instead of SALTIN and TEXT2CHAT instead of TEXTIN.


-- Brian MacWhinney

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