Tony Johnson tonyj at INAME.COM
Wed Nov 11 00:11:57 UTC 1998


TEnEs-anqati nayka muwnk-mILayt uwkuwk "proposal for an email/internet
orthography" khapa uwkuwk "Chinook tincan list."  Nayka muwnk-Xluwwima
uwkuwk alta.  Qhata mEsayka tEmtEm?

(Mesayka kEmtEks Ikta nayka muwnk-c!Em?)

Proposed        English
symbol          equivalent
                (where possible)

?               uh?oh (glottal stop)

a               father

ay              sky

aw              cow

c               'ts' as in cats

c!              ejective 'c'

ch              church

ch!             ejective 'ch'

e               bet

E               about, but

h               happy

i               beat
I               bit
ey              say

k               anchor (unaspirated)
g               get

kh              cow (aspirated)

kw              queen (but not aspirated)

kwh             queen

k!              ejective 'k'

kw!             ejective 'kw'

l               love

L               lateral fricative

tL!             lateral ejective affricate

m               mom

n               no

o               no

p               spit (unaspirated)
b               bill

ph              pit (aspirated)

p!              ejective 'p'

q               uvular (deep) 'k' (unaspirated)

qh              aspirated uvular (deep) 'k'

q!              ejective uvular (deep) 'k'

qw              uvular (deep) 'k' with lips rounded / deep 'queen'

qwh             aspirated uvular (deep) 'k' with lips rounded

r               robber

s               sink

sh              shoot

t               style (unaspirated)
d               dog

th              tot (aspirated)

t!              ejective 't'

uw              moon
u               book, put

uy              buoy (depending on how you say this)

w               water

x               velar fricative

xw              rounded velar fricative

X               uvular fricative

Xw              rounded uvular fricative

y               year

One possibility for change would be to replace /!/ with /'/.
For example: "c!i" would become "c'i" (sweet)

Make sense? Questions? Comments? Mesayka muwnk-c!Em khapa uwk "list."
Lets get a discussion going on this.  Nayka tEmtEm luwsh puws nesayka
muwnk-"standardized" nesayka c!Em.

LaXayEm--Tony A. Johnson
	 Grand Ronde, OR

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