Translation of HM Ball CJ letter

Bernard Schulmann bernard at SHAMA.CA
Fri Mar 26 02:59:07 UTC 2004

Henry Maynard Ball was in Barkerville/Richfield area in 1871. He was the
returning officer for the Cariboo Riding in the 1871, 75 and 78
provincial elections.

So the town name should be Barkerville or Richfield and not Lytton.

Here is a pic of him

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David Robertson wrote:

>Here is my first crack at transcribing & translating the letter.
>Reactions are solicited.
>--Dave R.
>Ball to Claudet, CJ letter transcription
>[page 1:]
>Hyhu Chick-amin Illahee
>Feb. 26th 1871
>Nisika hyas Closhe tilicum Mrs Claudet
> Nika hyhu sick tumtum mika
>halo mamook paper copa nika, yarka
>klun moon nika halo kumtux
>mika midlight copa mika house,
>or mika mameloose, spose nika
>halo kumtux ankuttie mika sick,
>nika chaco hyhu silex delaite,
>pe alta misika mox tenas-man
>papoose wawa, wake closhe
>Ballie chaco silex copa mika
>mama.  Nika tumtum wake
>syah cupit cold illahee copa
>New West?  pe mika, pe mika
>Man clatiwa konamok
>mika papoose, copa cavern [?], pe
>nanitch yaka tenas Chuck
>Brusette, pe mamook muck
>-a-muck, pe muck-a muck
>Blandy pe-pop-chuck.  –
>Nika hyhu sick Tumtum.
>Quanishum quinum pride
>snow, pe wake syah nika
>chaco all-the-same hyas long
>Ice, pe tenas leelee konaway
>Boston man chaco all the same
>masatche kamucks.
>[page 2:]
>Nisika tilicum Elwyn [?] tike mamook
>hyas closhe wawa copa mika
>pe mika man, pe
>nika wawa all-the-same
>copa mika man pe mika
>papoose.  Spose mika halo
>mamook paper copa nika
>delate nika chaco hyhu
>silex pe nika marsh mika
>pe halo midlight nisika
>Alta nika wawa
> Kla-ha-yu tilicum
> Nika midlight
>  HM Ball
>[page 1:]
>Land of Plenty Gold [?; = Lytton, BC?]
> Feb. 26th 1871
>Our dear friend Mrs [Francis George] Claudet
> I am sad that you
>haven't written to me, it’s
>three months that I haven’t heard [if]
>you’re alive at your home,
>or you’re dead, [and] if I
>don’t hear that you’ve been sick,
>I’m going to be angry for sure,
>but now your two boys
>Ballie shouldn’t get mad at you,
>Mother.  I think
>winter is almost over in
>New West[minster]?  and you, and your
>husband will go with
>your children, to the cavern [?], to
>see that
>Brusette Creek, and
>eat, and drink
>brandy-and-sodas.  --
>I am very sad.
>For five Fridays [?] it’s been
>snowing, and I’ve practically
>turned into a big
>icicle, and pretty soon all
>the Whites will turn into
>rabid dogs.
>[page 2:]
>Our friend Elwyn [?] wishes to send
>best greetings to you
>and your husband, and
>I say the same to your husband and your
>children.  If you don’t
>write to me
>I will really become very
>mad and I will cast you off
>and we won’t be
>Now I’ll say
> Good-bye friend
> I am
> H[enry] M[aynard] Ball

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