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Kelvin Saxton ksaxton at FASTMAIL.FM
Fri Feb 4 19:50:28 UTC 2005

Hi All,

My name is Kelvin Saxton. I had a chance to meet some of you at last
May's CW Lolo in Portland.

I am currently putting together some supporting material for a possible
Masters Thesis to show to my Committee Chair. I am focusing on CW
orthography, historically, but also with a look at modern systems and

I would love to interview those of you who have spent some time and
energy creating and/or using differing writing systems for CW. That
includes on-line and off.

If you would be willing to spare a short stretch of time to answer a few
questions, via email or phone, please let me know. Email is
ksaxton at

Kelvin Saxton

Department of Anthropology
Western Washington Univ.

  Kelvin Saxton
  ksaxton at

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