Spotted Horses in 19th C.

Yakima Belle yakimabelle at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 9 01:10:05 UTC 2005

I'm not sure how common paint (pinto) horses were in
the 19th. C. but I do know that many White Western
artists painted Plains people riding them. It seems
some Plains people considered them more valuable than
other colors; interestingly enough White people in
that era and area preferred Buckskin colored horses
and would pay extra for them.

Anyway, can someone help me with a word for donkey, as
distinguished from mule. Donkeys aren't an equine
hybrid, they are one of the two species used in
producing mules or hinnies.

Back on horse type equines, the Nez Perce bred horses
for a particularly "foamy" roan variant, known
originally to white settlers as "Palouse" horses, and
now corrupted into "Appaloosa."

I swear I seen a twelve-foot-high hump-shouldered elk
with no antlers and swan neck - 19th C. miner, quoted
in "Lonesome Dromedary", The Big Book of the Weird Wild
West, Paradox Press, 1998.

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