vincent yann janilta at YAHOO.FR
Fri Feb 18 00:55:41 UTC 2005


Maringouin is apparently a word still in current use
in French speaking Canada, as well as in place names
there. But I think it is totally unknown to French
speakers outside America though (I have never heard it
My excellent 'dictionnaire des canadianismes'
mentions it as a borrowing from a native language

I have a short article on Old Mines, Missouri, French
by C. Thogmartin (Iowa State University) published in
'le francais hors de France' in 1979, but it is
actually on its phonetic system and grammar (close to
other American varieties, especially Cajun French),
not on its vocabulary (but the use of maringouin there
as well should be logical !).

Bonne nuit, Yann


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