Jargon "was goin' to be the standard language" in Oregon

Dave Robertson ddr11 at UVIC.CA
Fri Jun 1 19:20:54 UTC 2007

Agreed, so what was this fella trying to tell the interviewer?  Did 
teachers try to build on pupils' knowledge of Jargon in order to teach them 
in English?  And was there a movement to make Jargon the state of Oregon's 
official language?  

---Dave R

On Fri, 1 Jun 2007 19:38:38 +0100, Anthony Grant <granta at EDGEHILL.AC.UK> 

>Taught in schools?  I'd be surprised.  ('Learnt in the school yard' I can 
believe, as these things go.)  Anthony
>>>> Dave Robertson <ddr11 at UVIC.CA> 06/01/07 6:22 PM >>>
>Johnson, Clifton.  1908.  Highways and byways of the Pacific coast.  New
>York: MacMillan.
>Page 240: an old settler recalls in an interview:
>"We talked a jargon that was got up for the Indians; and that was taught in
>the schools.  I used to could speak that jargon better than I could English
>and we had an i-dea [sic] that was goin' to be the standard language here
>in Oregon."

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