John F. Noble papers?

hzenk at PDX.EDU hzenk at PDX.EDU
Fri Jun 8 04:35:07 UTC 2007

> Has any of you ever looked through the John F. Noble papers at OHS?

The John F. Noble papers are OHS Mss 1000.  There are two notebooks of  
Jargon vocab:

1. a smaller one labelled simply "Jargon".  (Maybe a field notebook)

2. a larger one titled "A Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon /  English,  
in alphabetical order Compiled by Jno. F. Noble at Fort Vancouver  
Oregon - November 15 - 1849 - ... Also - A Vocabulary - as used &  
spoken on 'Puget Sound' & North of that - (by Hudson Bay Co) Compiled  
by Jno. F. Noble at Fort Vancouver Oregon 1849 & 1850".  Inside p. 1  
there is another note:  "G[?can't read my writing] S. Noble Fort  
Vancouver W. Ty. May 1863."  Next page repeats the first of the  
foregoing 2 titles, with the additional info:  "N.B.  All words in  
'chinook' are very much aspirated, gutteralized, sputtered and  
swallowed - Note this is copy from the original."

So, maybe notebook 2 is a copy of notebook 1.  I looked at this years  
ago and it is not fresh in my mind.  Notwithstanding the observation  
about "gutteralized" etc. words, the spellings are pretty conventional  
English orthography as I recall, which didn't interest me much at the  
time.  No doubt should check this out again.  Henry

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