CRITICS: Affirmative Action

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                  Dear friends,

         From a daily analysis taht I've been
         carrying out of our local new I have come
         to the hypothesis that the Argentine
         liberal discourse legitimizes official
         quite anti-social decisions on the basis of
         what is presented as a necessary reaction
         towards "reality"illustrated according to
         this view by the latest American discourse
         on their own discriminatory changes. I
         decided both to include this research topic
         in my course of Discourse Analysis and to
         write a paper focused on two examples
         around with I will try to make my point:
         1) the incorporation of homosexuals in the
                  military in the U.S.
         2) the end of Affirmative Action
         I would welcome advice and references to
         prior or current work relevant  to this
         research that you think I may not be familiar
         I think I must read both work in Linguistics
         within Discourse Analysis, and research
         coming from Sociology, International
         Politics, articles and books on U.S.-
         Argentina ideological power relationship, the
         Canon debate, etc.
         From the non linguistic side I have started
         with the following short book list:
         Dworkin, Ronald, Talking Rights Seriously.
         Harvard University Press. 1978 Rawls, John.
         Teoria de la justicia, 1971. Epstein, R.
         Simple Rules for a Complex World. Harvard
         University Press. 1995.  Herrnstein, J.  &
         Murray, Ch. The Bell Curve, Intelligence and
         Class Structure in American Life. The Free
         Press, New York. 1994 Jacoby, Russel & Naomi
         Glauberman, eds. The Bell Curve Debate. Times
         Books. New York. 1995 Gutman, Amy, ed.
         Multiculturalism. Princeton University Press.
         1994 Schelesinger, Arthur. The Disuniting of
         America, Reflections on a Multicultural
                  Society.  W.W. Norton. New York. 1992
         I intend to check: a) the American newspapers
         that we receive in Argentina, b) the daily
         Argentina newspapers, c) and a few weekly
         American and Argentine magazines. I will try
         to locate at the nation with its supplement
         Minorities. I suspect there must be many more
         but I need some help to select some among
         them since I just count on two research
         assistants and myself to gather the corpus
         and bibliographic references.
         Where posible please add for references where
         I could get hold of them. Thank you very
           Beatriz R. Lavandera
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