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Sun Dec 3 15:24:04 UTC 1995

For those CRITICS-L subscribers who are interested I have available
a bibliography on discourse and politics. This bibliography consists
of about 1150 items (about 200K, 100 pages), and results from a
rough search in my Big Bibliography, which was last updated in July 1995,
and which is based on references culled from several ROM Disks (such as
the contents of some 150 journals in the humanities and the social
sciences on the Social Science Citation Index ROM disk, PsycLit,
and for books the Central Book Index (CBI), Deutsche Nationalbibliographie
and the Bibliotheque Nationale, among others, and some further books and
articles in my personal library.

Although I checked the results, some spurious and irrelevant items may
remain (e.g., titles with 'politics' in the title which are not actually
about politics, as well as some other titles, e.g., about political
film analysis). Generally included are all items whose titles (and
key-words, which are NOT included in the downloaded bibliography,
however, so as to save space) refer to the language and discourse of
politics. NOT included however are sociolinguistic items on the 'politics
OF language', such as national language policies, etc.

This bibliography is part of a bigger project, viz., a Bibliography of
Critical Discourse Analysis on which I am working. Earlier sections of
that bibliography, viz., on discourse and gender, discourse and
race/ethnicity, and discourse and law, were offered to subscribers of this
list (and are still available).

My only wish in offering this 'service' to CRITICS-L subscribers (and
other CDA researchers not on this list), is that those who receive these
bibliographies will send me missing titles (e.g. of their own work, or of
that of their immediate students and colleagues), so that I can improve
the bibliographical data base. (Since the bibliography covers journals
and most books until and including 1994, the most recent titles are not
yet included; I hope however to make available updates each year).

Please also note that if you send additions or corrections, the items
should be in the same format at the bibliographies, viz., in APA, because
only these can be added automatically to my data base (and I unfortunately
have no time to rewrite bibliographical items that are not in APA format).

If you are interested in the Discourse & Politics Bibliography, please
first make sure that your e-mail box is big enough to accomodate the 200K
(100 page) bibliography, before asking me to send you a copy.

Those of you who have other partial bibliographies in the field of
critical discourse analysis, are invited to make them available to this
list (preferably through me first).

Once downloaded (the most boring part, yes) these bibliographies are a
very useful research instrument: My students and I myself use the data
base every day to find bibliographical suggestions on specific topics.

Later, when the CDA-bibliography is (more or less) complete until 1995, I
hope to make available a few handy utilities (programs) that allow you to
update and search (with boolean combinations of key-words) this
bibliography once it is on your hard-disk.

Best wishes for the coming holidays (for those who celebrate any...).


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