CRITICS: Bibliogr. Discourse & Politics - 2

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Sun Dec 10 12:58:59 UTC 1995

1. Bibliography Discourse & Politics, Version 2.

I have further checked the Discourse & Politics Bibliography, and
eliminated more spurious and irrelevant items. Those who asked for
the earlier version, can now get a better second version.

2. Politics and Communication

In a later stage, I hope to integrate more work from the field
of rhetoric/communication and politics, work mostly done in
political science, into the bibliography, so that it will be
relevant for both discourse analysts as well as political scientists.

3. Political Linguistics Conference in Antwerp

During the (first) Political Linguistics conference (organized
by Jef Verschueren and Jan Blommaert) held last week in Antwerp many
papers were given on political discourse analysis. I later also hope to
include these papers (when published) in the bibliography, and will ask
the authors to supply further references of their own and other work.

4. Request for further bibliographical items from CRITICS-L subscribers

CRITICS-L subscribers who work on discourse and politics are requested to
supply additions and corrections to the (second version of the) Discourse
& Politics bibliography. List members (and some other discourse analysts)
whose work is already mentioned (with several titles) in the bibliography
are e.g. Michael Billig, Jan Blommaert, Adriana Bolivar, Bob Boynton, Don
Brenneis, Teresa Carbo', Paul Chilton, Steve Clayman, Sandro Duranti,
Konrad Ehlich, Norman Fairclough, Doris Graber, Helmut Gruber, Sigi
Jaeger, Robin Lakoff, Juergen Link, Bernd Matouschek, Florian Menz,
William O'Barr, Jan Renkema, Christina Schaeffner, Gill Seidel, Annemarie
Simon-Vendenbergen, Geneva Smitherman, Jef Verschueren, Uli Windisch, Ruth

Thanks for your help in improving this Bibliography on Discourse &
Politics. This bibliography will be made available to all CRITICS-L
list subscribers interested, as well as to others (students as well
as researchers), especially those who actively contribute to it.

Best wishes for the coming holidays.


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