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Thu Jun 1 17:33:47 UTC 1995


The CRITICS e-mail List is now on Internet. In order to get the
exchange of information and discussion going, I invite all
subscribers to the CRITICS List to post messages that may be
relevant for the other subscribers. Especially also Ph.D. students
are welcome to contribute messages. Send your messages to the CRITICS List
at the following list-address: critics at

PRESENTATION. As first contributions, I suggest that subscribers
present themselves to the others with a bio-biographical note,
containing their major area of present research, a few recent
publications (especially those in the critical study of language,
discourse or communication), call for contacts, cooperation and
information, and their full institutional address, phone- and
faxnumber(s) and e-mail address. Ph.D. students are invited to
briefly describe the topic of their dissertation.

TOPIC SUGGESTIONS. Next, the CRITICS List welcomes suggestions for
topics or issues of discussion, as well contributions to such a
discussion about a specific topic. One could think of the following
topics/issues, among many others:

- - General theories, methods and aims of critical studies of language,
  discourse and communication
- - The ways social power is expressed in, and reproduced by discourse
- - Racism, sexism, etc. in language use, discourse and communication
- - The manufacture of consent; manipulation; managing the mind, etc. by
  language use, discourse and communication
- - The relations between discourse and ideologies
- - Special structures and strategies of text and talk in the
  expression of power and dominance
- - Access to, and control over (various structures of) discourse
- - The uses, applications and functions of critical studies in society.

FORMAT. To save other subscribers' time and (computer) space, please
be succinct (preferably about 1-2 screen pages; max. about 5 screen
pages). Please do not post long files to the List, but announce these
with a summary, so that those interested can ask you for a copy. And
please do not forget to mention a subject after SUBJECT:

OTHER SUBSCRIBERS. If you know other critical scholars or Ph.D.
students who may not yet have subscribed to the CRITICS List, please
ask them to send a message to our local CRITICS account (NOT the same
as the CRITICS List): critics at They will then receive
information about the CRITICS List and how to get subscribed.

UNSUBSCRIBE. To unsubscribe from the list send the message
UNSUBSCRIBE CRITICS to the address: majordomo at

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