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Thu Jun 1 22:49:27 UTC 1995

Cheris Kramarae, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As we all know, introductions are often difficult and more telling than we
would wish. (I'm working with Aki Uchida who, in part,  studies the way
people introduce themselves when they are outside their home culture and
working on establishing themselves in another.)  I'll try to write a short,
clear statement of my research history and goals.

In past two decades I've worked primarily on language/gender/power issues
(with a lot of help from my friends-- a lot of co-editing and
co-authoring). I have defined this area of research very broadly--- to
include work on a feminist dictionary, feminist periodicals of the 19th
century, gender issues in academic scholarship, and technology and women's

Right now, I'm working on Internet communication issues.   I am co-founder
of Women, Information Technology, and Scholarship (WITS), a very
interdisciplinary group on this campus, now in its fifth year.  (Our 1993
book has the same title as our group.)  In addition to our very
collaborative workshops, lectures, and demonstrations, the various members
do research on various Internet issues.  We have recently issued a brochure
titled "Gender Equity in Global Communication Networks: A Global Alert";
send me a snailmail  address if you would like one or more copies.  My own
current research is on the ethics of the Internet (through a study of the
themes and metaphors commonly used by people writing about the Internet).
Recent publications have been a critique of legal issues regarding
Internet communication, and a feminist critique of virtual reality

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