CRITICS: Change of List Name

Teun A. van Dijk teun at
Tue Jun 20 07:39:52 UTC 1995


In order to avoid inevitable confusion between the name of the CRITICS
list (CRITICS at UVA.NL) and our local Critics account (CRITICS at LET.UVA.NL),
we have changed the name of the list to CRITICS-L, a not unusual addition
for list names. (The old name will briefly remain active, so as to be
able to forward messages to the new name). I thought it would be better
to change the name in this early stage of the list than when 'traffic' is
picking up and the list is being used by many more people.

In previous CRITICS correspondence it was suggested that especially for
those centers of critical research on discourse, language and
communication where several 'critical scholars and especially many Ph.D.
students would like to communicate via the list, it might be useful to
open a local CRITICS address/account. Besides the one in Amsterdam, there
is now such an account in Madrid, Antwerpen and Mexico City. Apart from
the possibility of sharing CRITICS messages with others, and allowing
students without their own individual accounts to participate, this will
also make it easier to separate CRITICS mail from your personal mail,
which may become even more relevant if CRITICS message become more
frequent. So, if you are able to open a local CRITICS account, this may be
a further step in creating a global network of CRITICS centers, as is the
aim of the CRITICS project.

And totally irrelevant to this message: After weeks of cold and rain, the
summer seems really have started here, sort of following the calendar.
Makes both critical and everyday life more fun.

Warm regards


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