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Ms M M Lazar M.Lazar at
Fri Jun 23 14:31:33 UTC 1995

I am currently preparing a doctoral thesis in which I examine how dominant
representations of marriage and family life are constructed and naturalised
through a series of government campaign advertisements in Singapore. An
important aspect of my work involves the representation of gender relations
in discourse -- about which I wrote an article in 1993 (in Discourse &
Society). In my thesis, I examine not only the verbal but visual dimensions
of text, and am very keen on arriving at clear and explicit analyses of
multimodal representations. I operate with a systemic-functional understanding
of text, combining that with an intertextual/interdiscursive perspective.

In sum, my present research interests are to do with gender, media, and ways
of thinking/doing clear, systematic textual analyses within CDA.

Michelle M. Lazar
Dept. of Linguistics
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YT
e-mail: m.lazar at
fax: +44 0524 843085
tel: +44 0524 65201 ext.4715

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