Ruth Wodak RUTH at
Fri May 19 11:58:34 UTC 1995

This is just a short message, to welcome all the members of critic.
Teun van Dijk has asked me to be president of CRITICS, and I gladly
accepted. Because I think that such a network could be exteremly
useful and important for discussions on topics of discourse analysis
from a critical perspective.
I myself do research in the following domains:
Discourse and Racism, Antisemitism
Language and Politics
Gender Studies
Institutional Discourse
I would be very happy to recieve messages from other participants
whioch relate to these domains.
I hope you enjoy participating on this list!
Ruth Wodak
Professor of Linguistics
Chair of Applied Linguistics
University of Vienna
Berggasse 11
1^090 Vienna
Fax: xx43-1-3103886-23
Phone: xx43-1-3103886-39
E-Mail: ruth at

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