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I agree that the January 15 deadline was perhaps a bit fast, but I
would like to ask you again to send a list of your publications of
1995 to me (at teun at so that I can include them in the
yearly list of CRITICS-L publications which will be made available to
the whole list.

Please ONLY send items that have actually been published in 1995, and
of which you have all data (like page numbers, etc.). All "in press"
items will be included next year in the list for 1996. Please do not
include reviews and very short notes.

*Please only send the items in APA format*, which is the only format
I can process (nearly) automatically (all other formats I would have
to re-do by hand, for which unfortunately I have no time).

Instead of giving the APA format details, here are simply some
examples of the relevant categories (book, edited book, book article,
and journal article respectively) --please imitate this format exactly
(including interpunction, etc.):

   Holmes, J. (1995). Women, Men and Politeness. London: Longman.

   Whillock, R. K., & Slayden, D. (Eds.). (1995). Hate speech.
   Newbury Park, CA: Sage. [racism] [discourse]

   Jhally, S., Goldman, R., Cassidy, M., Katula, R., Seiter, E., Pollay,
   R. W., Lee, J. S., Carter-Whitney, D., & Steinem, G., et al. (1995).
   Advertising. In Gail Dines, & Jean M. Humez (Eds.), Gender, race,
   and class in media: A text-reader. (pp. 71-159). Thousand Oaks, CA:
   Sage Publications.

   Tyler, A., & Boxer, D. (1996). Sexual harassment?
   Cross-cultural/cross-linguistic perspectives. Discourse & Society,
   7(1), 107-133. [classroom interaction]

For titles in other languages than English, please add a translation
in English, between parentheses directly after the title.

Ideally, add some [keywords] between [square brackets] after each
item when the keywords do NOT appear in the title, as in the examples
given above.

Thanks for your contribution to this CRITICS-L initiative: Please
remember: your bibliographical references are a very useful research
instrument for all subscribers to this list. (And you probably have to
hand in such a list for your own institution anyway -- as we have: like a
yearly tax return...).

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