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Tue Feb 20 10:47:02 UTC 1996

I am forwarding this on behalf of the Hong Kong organizers. A team of
people there and in Roskilde have assessed about 130 abstracts,
and it looks like being a really useful conference, on language
policy in general and with a specific focus on language rights.
Robert Phillipson
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(Phil Benson) Subject:        Language Rights Conference


June 22-24, 1996 at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Organised by the Department of English, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in
association with a programme committee based at the Department of Languages
and Culture, Roskilde University, Denmark.
* Plenary speakers *

E. Annamalai, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Language rights and language choice

Florian Coulmas, Chuo University, Japan
Language rights: state, group, individual

Alastair Pennycook, University of Melbourne, Australia
The right to do language

Robert Phillipson, Roskilde University, Denmark
Linguistic imperialism or linguistic human rights?

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Roskilde University, Denmark
Human rights and language wrongs

* Other invited speakers *

Martin Baik & Rosa Shim, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Language rights of dialect speakers

Albert Chen, Hong Kong University
Language rights and international law

Jean D'souza, Pune, India
Language, education and the rights of the child

Robyn Kilpatrick, Amnesty International Hong Kong
Language rights and human rights
The aim of the conference is to discuss the meaning and implementation of
language rights in Asia and worldwide. Major areas of discussion will include

Language and human rights
Language dominance
Minority language rights
Language rights under the law
Language rights in discourse and representation Mother-tongue and bilingual
Language rights in Hong Kong and Asia

The conference will consist of a mixture individual paper presentations and
thematic symposia.
* Registration *

Before 31st March: 100 US dollars or 750 HK dollars
After 31st March:  120 US dollars or 900 HK dollars
(Students half-price)

Cheques / Bank drafts to "The Hong Kong Polytechnic University"

Inquiries and completed registration forms to Peter Grundy, Department of
English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Fax: (0852) 2333 6569
E-mail: eggrundy at

Up-to-date information on the conference, including a list of papers to be
presented is available on World Wide Web at
<>. The list of papers is also
available by e-mail from Phil Benson at <pbenson at>

The Language Rights conference immediately follows the Knowledge and
Discourse Conference to be held at Hong Kong University, June 18-21. Further
details from <kandd at> or <>.
Phil Benson
English Centre
Hong Kong University
Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong

Fax: (852) 2547 3409

E-mail: pbenson at

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