CRITICS: Introducing the Relativism Debate

Teun A. van Dijk teun at
Wed May 8 16:43:40 UTC 1996

I am enjoying (of course) our first debate on the CRITICS-L list. That's
what I set it up for. I hope many more of such debates may follow.

Friendly request to the participants of the debate on relativism though:
For the non-initiated, it would be useful to have some of the many
presuppositions spelled out. Could one of the participants (Anna, who
started this, or Jonathan who took it up? --communicate among yourself who
will do this, please) in that debate explain to non specialists in a page
or so, what main tenets are involved in the relativism debate, and maybe
refer to an influential book or paper or two for those who want to know
more about relativism. Also, it is helpful to spell out why/how the debate
is relevant for (critical or other) discourse analysis.

That is, as always, and even on this list of specialists, I highly value
criteria of accessibility-for-all.


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