CRITICS: On using this list-name...

Teun A. van Dijk teun at
Fri May 10 08:18:51 UTC 1996

It appears that there is (at least among one user) a slight confusion
about how to post and reply to messages on this list. I'll summarize
again what was explained in the first messages of the list (which you
can find in the archive of old messages I sent to all new members):

To post messages on this list, you send a message to:


To REPLY to messages posted on CRITICS-L you'll of course use your usual
REPLY function of your local e-mail system, but remember that the reply
in that case only goes to the sender of the message, NOT to the whole
list (which is the addressee, of which you are one). If you want to
post a 'reply' (rather: a comment) on a list-message for all others to
read, you'll need to post a message to the list as a whole, as explained

There is SOME logic here (and it *does* follow the familiar
appropriateness conditions of the 'speech act' of a reply -- purists like
me will argue, but that is another topic, that replies are of course not
speech acts, but FUNCTIONS of speech acts, which is --as mathematically
educated people will understand perfectly-- not the same as speech acts,
in this case a special function defined by conditions established by
requests, etc. But again, that is another matter...).

Incidentally, if you want to unsubcribe from the list you simply send a
message to majordomo at saying:

unsubscribe CRITICS-L

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