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     DAS volume 8 number 3 -- July 1997

     Editorial: The imperialism of English

     Janet M. Bing and Lucien X. Lombardo
     Talking past each other about sexual harassment: an exploration of
     frames for understanding

     Theresa Conefrey
     Gender, culture and authority in a university life sciences laboratory

     Dariusz Galasinski and Adam Jaworski
     The linguistic construction of reality in the 'Black Book of Polish

     Reiko Hayashi
     Hierarchical interdependence expressed through conversational styles
     in Japanese women's magazines

     Dorte Salskov-Iversen
     A discursive perspective on British local government's response to
     change: a tale of two cities

     Book reviews

     D&S forum: discussion
     Yan Zuo, On interdisciplinarity

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Subject: Cover sheet
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Dear Jane, I now understand why I always get 1 cover sheet, instead of
one on each copy... it says 'one cover sheet..' in the instructions to
authors. This means I always have to get and find a copy machine, since I
need an identical cover sheet on EACH copy. Would that still fit in the
Instructions to Authors...?

Thanks & Cheers & Hugs


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