CRITICS: Electronic Empires Conference

Peter Every arx042 at
Wed Mar 5 15:51:58 UTC 1997

Dear colleague,

Sorry for not sending you this mail earlier - but I have only just
discovered the globalisation research website.  Coventry University UK
is very shortly running a conference on the globalisation of the media
entitled:  "Electronic Empires; Global Media and Local Resistance" - a
schedule for the conference is attached below.  If you would like me to
send you leaflets and booking forms please do not hesitate to contact me
by email.

Thank you,

Peter Every,
Lecturer in Communication and Culture / conference organiser.
Coventry University.

Further information:

1 - The conference has a website at:

2 - The attendance fee is 100 pounds (UK) for full tickets, and 35
pounds for students (inc Ph.D - unless you can get full funding).  This
includes food and refreshments but not accommodation.  You can pay by
cheque (see booking form).

3 - you can book accommodation through me - via the local tourist
board.  Once you have registered, I will send you maps and an
accommodation guide.  Bed and breakfast costs approximately 20 pounds
per night.  Hotel accommodation costs between 50 and 75 pounds per
night.  There is a limited opportunity to stay with staff or students
for *peanuts*.

4 - The most up to date schedule follows:


Hillman Theatre
Coventry University
28-29 March 1997



9.30            Registration and coffee

10.45   Introduction
                Daya Thussu
                Coventry University

11.00   Session 1: Electronic Empires - Corporate Colonialism?

                Keynote address
                A Century of Expectations and Preparations for Global
				Electronic Mastery
                Herbert Schiller
                University of California

                An Islamic Perspective on the Globalisation of
				Electronic Empires
                Ali Mohammadi
                Nottingham Trent University

12.45   Lunch

2.00            Session 2: Globalisation and Media Convergence

                A  Missing Dimension: Engendering Debate in
				International Communication
                Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi
                Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of

                Murdoch and Other Satellite Empires: A UK
Perspective 						on Media Convergence
                Granville Williams
                Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom

3.30            Tea

3.45            Session 3: Towards a Global Public Sphere?

                What Price the Public Sphere?
                Jim McGuigan
                Coventry University

                Global Media - Creating a Global Public Sphere?
                Colin Sparks
                University of Westminster

                Electronic Empires: Privatising Public Space
                Edward S. Herman
                University of Pennsylvania

6.30            Reception


9.30            Session 4: Technologies of Electronic Empires

                Virtually Ignored: Prospects for Cybercitizenship
                Peter Golding
                Loughborough University

                Digital Media as Paranoiac Environment
                Les Levidow
                Open University

                The Internet and the Global Public Sphere
                Anuradha Vittachi
                Editor and Co-Director, OneWorld Online

11.15           Coffee

11.30   		Session 5: Electronic Empires - Global Culture, Global News?

                Consumption and Ambivalence: Autonomy and Submission in
the Global Cultural Arena
                Marie Gillespie
                University of Wales (Swansea)

                Media Imperialism Revisited
                Oliver Boyd-Barrett
                Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of

                Global News - Infotainment and Corporate Propaganda
                Daya Thussu
                Coventry University

1.30            Lunch

2.30            Session 6: Alternatives to Electronic Empires?

                Global Audience - Local Consumption
                David Morley
                Goldsmiths College, University of London

                Global Media and Local Resistance: From Tactic to
                Tony Dowmunt
                Series Editor 'Channels of Resistance,' Channel 4 TV

3.45            Discussion

4.30            Tea and depart

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