CRITICS: lesbian & gay discourse within CDA

Veronika Koller Veronika_Koller at
Thu May 15 16:12:00 UTC 1997

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
this address was given to me by Prof. de Beaugrande (University of
Vienna) with who I am writing my thesis. My work focuses on the subject
of self-representation in lesbian discourse, its working title is "A
comparison of the self-image in lesbian discourse of the 1970s and
1990s". I would be grateful to obtain some information on the research
that has already been done and is currently being done on gay and
especially lesbian discourse within the framework of CDA. Furthermore,
I would appreciate to be furnished with useful addresses and websites
concerning lesbian research and CDA.

Veronika Koller
Tivoligasse 7-9/3/11
A-1120 Vienna
(01) 812 29 53
veronika_koller at
veronika.koller at

I look forward to hearing from you soon and would like to thank in
advance for your time and help.

Kind regards,
Veronika Koller

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