CRITICS-L: Contents of 9(3)

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Dear friends,

For your information, here are the contents of Discourse & Society
9(3), to be published in July, 1998.

     Editorial:  Discourse analysis unlimited

     Susan Ehrlich
     The discursive reconstruction of sexual consent

     Karen Frewin and Keith Tuffin
     Police status, conformity and internal pressure: a
discursive           analysis of police culture

     Brian Kleiner
     The modern racist ideology and its reproduction in

     Elizabeth H. Stokoe
     Talking about gender:  the conversational construction of gender
     categories in academic discourse

     Anna Wierzbicka
     German 'cultural scripts':  public signs as a key to
social           attitudes and cultural values

     Book reviews

     D&S forum:
     Narendra Singh, Reality of dominant English and some practical

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