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M.HUSSAIN mustafa.hussain at
Mon Feb 9 12:12:27 UTC 1998

Dear members of the list,
As a newly accepted member of the list, I would like to intoduce myself
I am a sociologist specialising in the area of ethnic relations and am
writing a doctoral thesis on the mass media´s role in the reproduction of
discourse and (new)racism in the Danish context at the Dept. of Sociology,
of Lund, Sweden.
I have previously worked as a journalist at the News & Current Affairs
Dept. of the
Danish Broadcasting Corporation to finance my sociological studies at Lund.
Although I am a Danish citizen yet I have been denied time and again to
fundings for my doctoral thesis from the usual channels of financial
support for the
Ph.D. projects which the Danish and Swedish educational authorities provide
its citizens.
A couple of years ago, a newly errected Danish Board of Ethnic Equality
provided me the opportunity to coordinate a research project on the media
and minority situation. The results of this project are published as a book
(in Danish) by the Board itself.( "Media, Minorities & the Majority - a
study of the newsmedia and the popular discourse in Denmark". Can be
ordered from tel. +45 33956700).
During this project a plenty of field data were collected i.e. news texts
from the
national TV-news, in-depth interviews with the media audience - mainly from
middle & educated class of the Danish population. Thus the main hurdle to
come close to the end of my thesis is over now.
I am author of a number of articles and essays (in newspapers, a couple of
scientic journals and anthologies) on the theme of ethnic relation in
Denamrk. Presently, I
am a board member of a Danish NGO, DRC ( Documentation & Advisory Center
on Racial Discrimination), a substitute-member of the Council of Ethnic
Minorities at the Ministry of Interior, and occasional/guest lecturer
(sociology of communication/
qualitative methods) at the Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Copenhagen.
I look forward to be inspired by all of you, and your work, in the future.
Regards, mustafa.hussain at      tel. +45 44685428
home: Knastebakken 267, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark

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