CRITICS-L: Sixteenth Call for Book Reviewers

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           Sixteenth call for book reviewers
           Issued June 1998
          (Previous list issued December 1997)
DISCOURSE AND SOCIETY ["D&S"]is a journal founded in July
1990, editor Teun van Dijk, University of Amsterdam;
publisher: Sage. It has attracted over 750 subscribers,
and is central to the rapidly expanding field of
discourse analysis. DISCOURSE STUDIES ["DS"] is a new journal,
edited by Teun van Dijk, to be launched by Sage in 1999.

The titles listed below are available for
review in either "D&S" or "DS". You may offer to review a single
item or several items in a joint review. Joint
reviews are encouraged wherever appropriate.
On receiving a book you will be asked to judge its
relevance to "D&S" or "DS". There are three
categories to choose from:

     1. Books apparently central to the concerns of
     "D&S" or "DS"..

     2. Books which address an area to which discourse
     analysis has contributed. If having requested such a
     book, you find it not relevant to the journal's
     interests, please report this to the review editor
     who may permit you to keep the title without review.

     3. Books which appear marginal to the concerns of
     "D&S" or "DS". You may request these titles
     on the basis that if they are  relevant to the
     journal's interests you will review them but if not,
     you will keep them without review.


ten Have, P., & Psathas, G. (Eds.). (1995). Situated Order : studies in the
social organisation of talk and embodied activities. Washington, DC:
University Press of America.


Cuklanz, L. M. (1996). Rape on Trial: how the mass media construct legal
reform and social change. Philadelphia, PA/London: University of
Pennsylvania Press.
McWilliam, E., & Taylor, P. G. (Eds.). (1996). Pedagogy, Technology, and
the Body. New York: Peter Lang.


Davis, L. (Ed.). (1997). The Disability Reader. London: Routledge.
Frisby, D., & Featherstone, M. (Eds.). (1997). Simmel on Culture. London:
Harper, R. (1997). Inside the IMF: an ethnography of documents, technology,
and organisational action. London: Academic Press.
Herrick, J. A. (1997). The Radical Rhetoric of the English Deists: the
discourse of skepticism, 1680-1750. Columbia, SC: University of South
Carolina Press.
Huspek, M., & Radford, G. P. (Eds.). (1997). Transgressing discourses:
communication and the voice of the other. New York: SUNY Press.
Lanz, R. (Ed.). (1997). Sujeto a la Deriva. Caracas: Universidad Central de
Livia, A., & Hall, K. (Eds.). (1997). Queerly Phrased: language, gender and
sexuality. Oxford: University Press.
Macovski, M. (Ed.). (1997). Dialogue and Critical Discourse. Oxford:
University Press.
Meyers, M. (1997). News Coverage of Violence against Women: engendering
blame. London: Sage.
Morgan, W. (1997). Critical Literacy in the Classroom. London: Routledge.
Paoletti, I. (1997). Being an Older Woman: a study in the social production
of identity. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Parker, I. (1997). Psychoanalytic Culture: psychoanalytic discourse in
Western society. London: Sage.
Peterson, T. R. (1997). Sharing the Earth: the rhetoric of sustainable
development. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.
Ramanathan, V. (1997). Alzheimer Discourse: some sociolinguistic
dimensions. Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Rapport, N. (1997). Transcendent Individual: towards a literary and liberal
anthropology. London: Routledge.
Riggins, S. H. (Ed.). (1997). The Language and Politics of Exclusion:
others in discourse. London: Sage.
Riikonen, E. (1997). Re-Imagining Therapy. London: Sage.
Semino, E. (1997). Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts.
London: Longmans.
Shi-xu. (1997). Cultural Representations. Berlin: Peter Lang.
Simms, K. (1997). Translating Sensitive Texts . Amsterdam: Rodopi.
Street, J. (1997). Politics and Popular Culture. Cambridge: Polity.
Tabouret-Keller, A. (Ed.). (1997). Vernacular Literary: a re-evaluation.
Oxford: University Press.
Torres, L. (1997). Puerto Rican Discourse: a sociolinguistic study of a New
York suburb. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Vaughan, G. (1997). For-Giving: a feminist criticism of exchange. Austin,
TX: Plain View Press.
Wertheimer, M. M. (Ed.). (1997). Listening to their Voices: the rhetorical
activities of historical women. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina
Wichmann, A. (Ed.). (1997). Teaching and Language Corpora. London: Longman.
Wierzbicka, A. (1997). Understanding Cultures through their key words.
Oxford: University Press.
Wilson, M. (1997). Performance and Practice: oral narrative traditions
among teenagers in Britain and Ireland. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.
Wootton, A. J. (1997). Interaction and the Development of Mind. Cambridge:
University Pressw.


Barrett, R. (1998). The Psychiatric Team and the Social Definition of
Schizophrenia. Cambridge: University Press.
Bayer, B., & Shotter, J. (Eds.). (1998). Reconstructing the Psychological
Subject. London: Sage.
Cameron, D. (Ed.). (1998). The Feminist Critique of Language: a reader (2nd
ed.). London: Routledge.
Carlsson, U., & Feilitzen, C. v. (Eds.). (1998). Children and Media
Violence. Goteborg, Sweden: Nordicom: Nordic Information Centre for Media
and Communication Research.
Coates, J. (Ed.). (1998). Language and Gender: a reader. Oxford: Blackwell.
Dimbleby, R., & Burton, G. (1998). More than Words: an introduction to
communication. (3rd ed.). London: Routledge.
Fenton, N., Bryman, A., & Deacon, D. (1998). Mediating Social Science.
London: Sage.
Hahn, D. F. (1998). Political Communication: rhetoric, government, and
citizens. State College, PA: Strata Publishing.
Harre, R. (1998). The SIngular Self: introduction to the Psychology of
Personhood. London: Sage.
Holland, J., Ramazanoglu, C., Sharpe, S., & Thomson, R. (1998). The Male in
the Head: young people, heterosexuality, and power. London: The Tufnell Press.
Hutchby, I., & Wooffitt, R. (1998). Conversation Analysis. Cambridge:
Polity Press.
Kerridge, R., & Sammells, N. (Eds.). (1998). Writing the Environment.
London: Zed Books.
Kristine L., F. (1998). Speaking Relationally: culture, communication, and
interpersonal connection. New York/London: Guilford Press.
Kronenfeld, J. (1998). King Lear and the Naked Truth: rethinking the
language of religion and resistance. London: Duke University Press.
Lee, B. (1998). Talking Heads: language, metalanguage, and the semiotics of
subjectivity. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Lupton, D. (1998). The Emotional Self: a sociocultural exploration. London:
Martin, J. R., & Veel, R. (Eds.). (1998). Reading Science: critical and
functional perspectives on discourses of science. London: Routledge.
Maynard, S. (1998). Principles of Japanese Discourse: a handbook.
Cambridge: University Press.
Oakley, A., & Mitchell, J. (Eds.). (1998). Who's Afraid of Feminism: seeing
through the backlash. London: Penguin.
Paoletti, I. (1998). Being an Older Woman: a study in the social production
of identity. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Paulston, R. G. (Ed.). (1998). Social Cartography: mapping ways of seeing
social and educational change. New York/London: Garland Publishing, Inc.
Prosser, J. (Ed.). (1998). Image-Based Research: a sourcebook for
qualitative researchers. London: Falmer Press.
Rivkin, J., & Ryan, M. (Eds.). (1998). Literary Theory: an anthology.
Oxford: Blackwell.
Scollon, R. (1998). Mediated Discourse as Social Interaction: a study of
news discourse. London/New York: Longman.
Seale, C. (Ed.). (1998). Researching Society and Culture. London: Sage.
Shakespeare, P. (1998). Aspects of Confused Speech: a study of verbal
interaction between confused and normal speakers. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence
Shuy, R. W. (1998). The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and
Deception. London: Sage.
Spolsky, B. (1998). Sociolinguistics. Oxford: University Press.
Stillar, G. F. (1998). Analyzing Everyday Texts: discourse, rhetoric and
social perspectives. London: Sage.
Surber, J. P. (1998). Culture and Critique: an introduction to the critical
discourses of cultural studies. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
van Dijk, T. (1998). Ideology: a multidisciplinary approach. London: Sage.
van Ginneken, J. (1998). Understanding Global News: a critical
introduction. London: Sage.

If you have not reviewed books for D&S before, please
accompany your request with the following information,
briefly indicated on a single letter-headed page:

      Institutional address
      Email address
      Special interests in the field
      Recent publications
      Recent reviews published

Reviewers should aim at a length of only 600
words, a little more for joint reviews. Reviews should be
submitted within three months. Further particulars will
be sent to you with the book(s).

Brian Torode                  [email: btorode at ]
Reviews Editor
Discourse Studies/Discourse & Society
Department of Sociology
Trinity College
Dublin 2

         Brian Torode
         Trinity College
         Dublin, 2

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